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2024 CSA: Juice Share

Sale price$550.00
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Egg Add-On:

This page is for purchasing Juice Shares for pickup from Norwich NY, Union Square, Tompkins Square, 92nd Street & Ramsey NJ. For all other CSA locations click here (not all locations offer Juice Shares)

CSA begins in early June and consists of 22 weekly pickups.  

Juice Shares contain a minimum of 3lb Carrots and 2lb Beets.  In addition it will contain other items in season that people enjoy juicing, such as: Celery, Kale, Dandelion, Cucumbers, Spinach, Ginger, etc...  The cost for this 22 week share is $550.00.

NOTE: Because this is specifically for juicing, there will not be major changes in variety week to week.  It is a base of 3lb Carrots and 2lb Beets with other seasonal items that are used for juicing.  Below are two examples.

EXAMPLE 1: 3lb Carrots, 2lb Beets, 1 bunch Kale, 1 bunch Chard, 1pc Cucumber, 1 bunch Celery, 1 piece Ginger.

EXAMPLE 2: 3lb Carrots, 2lb Beets; 1 bunch Dandelion, 1lb Spinach, 1pc Cucumber, 1 bunch Celery, 1 punch Kale.

The option of adding 1 dozen eggs for $165 is available.  

All members must abide by our shareholder agreement which can be found here.

We do not offer holds or postpone shares due to vacations. In the event of inclement weather, we will offer an alternative date.

If you have any questions, please email

2024 CSA: Juice Share
2024 CSA: Juice Share Sale price$550.00