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Growing Practices

Sustainability is a commitment to continuous improvement at Norwich Meadows Farm. Organic production is our baseline. We also apply concepts of regenerative agriculture and permaculture to be the best possible stewards of the land.

Organic and Regenerative

Organic certification reflects our commitment to growing food without ever using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Beyond that, we are committed to farming with regenerative practices that maintain and improve the health of the environment and contribute to the long-term well-being of our community of family, employees, and customers.

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Soil Health

Soil health is where it all begins on our farm. Healthy soils provide the nutrients, minerals, physical structure and living biome for the production of healthy, nutrient dense foods. Healthy soils sequester carbon and reduce nutrient losses through erosion. Our production practices minimize soil disturbance, maximize the use of cover crops, and maintain biodiversity. We fine-tune our soil health progam through regular lab testing, not only of nutrient levels but also key physical and biological indicators of soil health.

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Crop Diversity

We grow over 1,300 varieties of vegetables and fruits, not only to satisfy the adventurous palates of our customers, but also because of the ecological benefits of diversity. Crop diversity enhances soil health, reduces the risk of pests and diseases, and supports natural nutrient cycling. Rotating crops during the season maintains soil structure and avoids the need for synthetic chemicals. Diversity in the field also supports local ecosystems by attracting pollinators, beneficial insects, and other wildlife, fostering a sustainable environment even beyond the borders of our fields.

Crop diversity at Norwich Meadows Farm reflects our commitment to healthier soil, thriving ecosystems, and delighted customers.

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High Tunnels

At Norwich Meadows Farm we use high tunnels extensively (also known as "hoop houses"). This growing system is widely used around the world to extend growing seasons, improve plant and soil quality, and reduce dependence on energy and chemical inputs.

For Norwich Meadows Farm, the incorporation of high tunnels in our system has been transformative, allowing us to offer our customers a greater variety of top quality crops over a longer season, produced in a sustainable system. We believe there is more potential for this growing practice in our region and we continue to experiment with our partners to develop this opportunity.

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New York Grown & Certified

Our commitments to the highest standards of agricultural environmental management and food safety are verified under New York State’s voluntary local food certification program.

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Our growing practices at Norwich Meadows Farm are part of our commitment to moving the local food system toward sustainability and resilience, for the long-term health of the environment and the well-being of the community.