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Our Farm


Our farming venture started with about an acre and half behind our home in Norwich, New York. We were motivated to grow healthy, nutritious, safe food with the amazing flavors and textures that we remembered from childhood.

Sharing the joy of delicious food has always been an important part of our lives. Starting small, we soon connected with a community of people who shared our love of unique, fresh local food and were happy to buy what we were growing.  These customers also shared our concerns about health, safety, and care for the natural environment, and they wanted to buy food from local farmers that they trusted.

To grow our nascent business, we began to experiment with unusual plant varieties and with unique growing practices that would work in Norwich and would meet our standards of quality.  We learned that we could use high tunnels to extend the short growing season in upstate New York, starting early in the spring and growing late into the fall. 

We sought out sources of the best seed varieties, and began what have become ongoing relationships with plant breeding experts to develop new varieties best suited for our farming location and for our customers’ adventurous palates.

Word got around, and soon we were attending the Greenmarkets in New York City every week.  To this day, we anchor multiple farmers’ markets around the region year-round.

From the beginning, our products have been certified organic because we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we want our customers to be able to verify our commitment to those standards.

Our Friends & Customers

Serving Our Community

Over 10.5 million people live within 250 miles of our farm, including some of the most diverse populations in the world. New York City alone includes residents from over 180 countries.  Our goal is to make unique fresh foods accessible to everyone. Through our markets, we supply the diverse home cooking traditions of our customers as well as some of the most innovative chefs in the world.

Norwich Meadows Farm In The Community

Uniquely Delicious

The eating experience is everything for us.  By sharing traditions and ideas with our wide range of customers, we have developed a farm business that provides a variety and quality of fruits and vegetables that is unmatched in our region.

Our produce pushes the boundaries of what is otherwise available in the region - always fresh and local.

What We Grow

Quality, freshness, and nutrient density

Long supply chains and commodity production practices lead to food that is primarily bred to withstand those systems at the expense of other qualities. Our mission is to provide alternatives to what is available through conventional channels. Because of our focus on deliciousness, freshness, and nearby markets, we are able to choose vegetable and fruit varieties that maximize and retain their nutritional value from the farm to your table.

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