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Crop Diversity

A dedication to crop diversity reflects our commitment to healthy soil, thriving ecosystems, and delighted customers.

Farming With Nature

At Norwich Meadows Farm, our commitment to cultivating a wide variety of crops goes beyond just producing fresh, flavorful vegetables; it's a holistic approach that benefits our environment, community, and the quality of our produce.

Thriving Without Chemicals

For more than twenty years, we've partnered with world-leading plant breeders and seed companies to find and bring to market the world's best vegetable and fruit varieties.

Our work with plant breeders helps us to identify the combination of varieties and growing practices that will allow plants to thrive in our organic production system.

Variety And Quality

Some of the results of our collaborations include Haifa's Finest Zucchini ("exceptional nuttiness with a creamy density that melts in your mouth"), Koginut Squash ("sweetness, smooth texture, storability, yield and a built-in ripeness indicator to ensure it’s picked for peak flavor"), Habanada peppers ("all the floral sweetness of the famous habanero, minus the burn").

What we grow

A Collaboration With Fruition Seeds

The Benefits

First and foremost, crop diversity is a cornerstone of our approach to organic farming.

It enhances soil health and fertility by reducing the risk of pests and diseases and promoting natural nutrient cycling.

By rotating crops, we can maintain soil structure and avoid the need for synthetic chemicals.

A Holistic Approach

Our diverse approach to farming also supports local ecosystems by attracting pollinators, beneficial insects, and other wildlife fostering balanced, sustainable environment that extends beyond our fields.

A Diverse Commitment

Crop diversity at Norwich Meadows Farm is a win-win-win. It's a commitment to healthier soil, thriving ecosystems, and delighted customers, all rooted in our passion for organic farming.

Market Abundance

For our customers, this diversity means a rich and ever-changing array of fresh, seasonal produce. It enables us to offer a wide range of flavors, textures, and nutritional benefits, keeping meals exciting and promoting a well-rounded diet.

“Zaid is like the best kind of chef,” noted Dan Barber, the chef and co-owner of the two Blue Hill restaurants. “He’s willing to take a bet on unknown varieties with no known market just to experiment with what he believes will yield better flavor. His farmers’ market stand is like a supermarket of future possibilities.”

Our commitment to crop diversity allows us to offer an unmatched variety of fruits and vegetables.